The features of the online delivery orders platform Delivery-is

The online ordering app deliveryis, for companies that provide delivery services has a modern web and mobile design and it is adjusted considering the logo, the colors and the product offerings of each company – customer.

It is automatically adaptable for phones and tablets and it works perfectly, if the internet connection is feasible, in any kind of computers, netbook, tablet and smartphone.

What delivery-is includes:

  • Creation of unlimited dishes and offered products
  • Creation of unlimited categories and subcategories of dishes and offered products
  • Selection if the product is only available for receiving from the shop (take away)
  • Possibility of free delivery above an amount (it can be defined by 0)
  • Possibility of charge if the order is less than an amount X
  • Possibility of extra billing in delivery (optionally)
  • Possibility of charge for delivery per product (optionally)
  • Minimum price definition for delivery
  • Possibility for categories or subcategories exception from free delivery
  • Discount possibility if the customer select to take the product from the shop
  • Discount possibility (percentage d or stabled) with default conditions and with possibility for exception of products or categories
  • Definition of order form fields depending on delivery or receipt from the shop
  • Shop hours with possibility to define standard holidays
  • Definition of different sizes for dishes or product packaging
  • Possibility of adding products or extra ingredients to dishes (etc adding ham to pizza «Four cheeses», adding extra cheese)
  • Appearance of customer order history
  • Delivery in specific areas, according to postal code
  • Dish availability depending on time (etc the X dish is available until 23:00)
  • Coupons and discounts
  • Preorder ability
  • Manager and customer updating with mail for the order
  • Statistical preferences
  • Ability of online payment selection with credit card via paypal
  • Currency choice
  • Ability of adding VAT to your shopping basket
  • Compatible with SSL ( if existing choice of payment)
  • Ability of order saving on Google Cloudprint for file conversation reasons of business
  • Printing ability
  • Notification for every new order at management environment to your desktop

Delivery-is is offered with the following ways:

  • Integrated in site that iservices manufactures
  • Independent with connection ability in any website

Delivery-is mobile app for IOS & android

  • Delivery-is can be offered in mobile app for IOS & android

E-marketing services for your delivery-is website

  • Full e-marketing works (SEO, social, media, newsletter marketing) for your delivery-is website.

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